It’s an hour until show time. We are very spiritual men. #boom

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Happy Tuesday guys! #WorkHardPlayHard #Munich

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In Ingolstadt tonight, home of Audi cars. Big picture of our friend Gino Lupari on the wall of the folk club. Always a good sign!

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1st time in lovely Liechtenstein tonight. Surrounded by mountains. Very similar to playing in Draperstown. Hup!

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Big huge 5 hour drive tomorrow, all the way down South as The Rapparees edge ever closer to a day off in Munich, scene of their famous karaoke battle of 2013 when Kevin’s passionate delivery of Paul Simon’s ‘You can call me Al’ electrified the whole of Bavaria and won the day….#TrueStory

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2 days off in Cologne now after 3 lovely shows. Cathedral then beer. #plan

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The Rapparees are staying in a hotel attached to a zoo. The Rapparees like zoos. Oh aye….

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Nearly time to board the bus (boat?) to Dublin to hit Germany for a few weeks of shows. We’ll miss that rain. Honestly…
In other news…we might be announcing a rather exciting festive show in Belfast very soon. Watch this space…..

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Its nearly time for The Rapparees’ yearly tour of Germany and surrounding countries. This means several things. Kev wearing tracksuit bottoms with black loafers, Joe handing over £200 to O2 for internet data and Conor trying to grow a beard that will never be as nice or as full as Kev’s. On the plus side, it’ll be our 1st time playing in Liechtenstein! Yup!

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We’d be sore on a beer hall…

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